Master Thesis

For the upcoming semester, the Chairs of Management Science, Production & Logistics, and  Data-Driven Decision Support organize access to Master thesis topics together. Hence, in order to apply for a Master thesis topic, it is mandatory to hand in the following form to Application form Master thesis.

Please hand in the application form together with a current transcript of records and a short letter of motivation (in the language you intend to write your thesis in).

Application deadline for a thesis to start at the beginning of the summer semester 2023: 1st March 2023

Note that we expect you to have taken a Scientific Seminar or a Scientific Project at one of our chairs. After you application has been accepted, we negotiate a topic with you. Topics can come from two sources:

  • We propose topics before the application deadline (Please indicate if you are interested in one of these in your application).
  • You propose a topic within an exposé of 1 to 2 pages which is related to our research and the master classes offered by our chairs.


Potential Topics Summer Semester 2023

Prof. Dr. Marlin Ulmer:

  • Fairness in Home Service Operations (First read: Service Fairness: What It Is and Why It Matters, Kathleen Seiders and Leonard L. Berry, The Academy of Management Executive, 1998).
  • The Circular Economy (First read: Geissdoerfer, M., Pieroni, M.P., Pigosso, D.C. and Soufani, K. (2020). "Circular business models: A review", Journal of Cleaner Production).

Thomas Horstmannshoff:

  • Recent Advances in Multimodal Route Planning (First read: Bast H. et al. (2016). Route Planning in Transportation Networks. In: Kliemann L., Sanders P. (eds) Algorithm Engineering. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 9220. Springer, Cham).
  • Mobility as a Service - Transition from a Local to a Global Mobility Concept (First read: lyavina E.; Nikitas, A.; Njoya E.T. (2022). Mobility as a service (MaaS): A thematic map of challenges and opportunities. Research in Transportation Business & Management, Volume 43, 2022, 100783, ISSN 2210-5395).
  • Recent Advances in Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding (First read: Ehrgott, M., 2005. Multicriteria Optimization, second ed. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg).

Florentin Hildebrandt:

  • Algorithmic Management in Routing and Scheduling Problems (First read: Woodcock, J. (2021) “The Limits of Algorithmic Management: On Platforms, Data, and Workers’ Struggle”, South Atlantic Quarterly, 120 (4): 703–713).
  • Consistent Nurse Routing with Customer Turnover (First read: Hewitt, Mike, Maciek Nowak, and Nisha Nataraj. (2016) "Planning strategies for home health care delivery." Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 33 (5): 1650041).

Charlotte Ackva:

  • The Value of Consolidation in Last Mile Delivery (First read: Boysen, Nils, Stefan Fedtke, and Stefan Schwerdfeger. "Last-mile delivery concepts: a survey from an operational research perspective." Or Spectrum 43 (2021): 1-58).
  • Consistency in Routing Problems: Concepts and Applications (First read: Kovacs, Attila A., et al. "Vehicle routing problems in which consistency considerations are important: A survey." Networks 64.3 (2014): 192-213).

Jarmo Haferkamp:

  • Dynamic Vehicle Routing with Correlated Demand (First read: Soeffker, N., Ulmer, M. W., & Mattfeld, D. C. (2022). Stochastic dynamic vehicle routing in the light of prescriptive analytics: A review. European Journal of Operational Research, 298(3), 801–820).
  • Demand and Fulfillment Control in Dynamic Fleet Management of Ride-Sharing Systems: A Review (First read: Haferkamp, J., & Ehmke, J. F. (2022). Effectiveness of demand and fulfillment control in dynamic fleet management of ride‐sharing systems. Networks, 79(3), 314–337).

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