Master Thesis

For the upcoming semester, the Chairs of Management Science, Operations Management, and  Data-Driven Decision Support organize access to Master thesis topics together. Hence, in order to apply for a Master thesis topic, it is mandatory to hand in the following form to Application form Master thesis.

Please hand in the application form together with a current transcript of records.

Application deadline for a thesis to start at the beginning of the summer term 2024: 1st March 2024

Note that we expect you to have taken a Scientific Seminar or a Scientific Project at one of our chairs. After you application has been accepted, we negotiate a topic with you. Topics can come from two sources:

  • We propose topics before the application deadline (Please indicate if you are interested in one of these in your application).
  • You propose a topic within an exposé of 1 to 2 pages which is related to our research and the master classes offered by our chairs.


Potential Topics Summer Term 2024

Chair of Operations Management ( Dr. Janis Neufeld)

  • Realistic processing times in flow shop scheduling
  • Constraint programming for hybrid flow shop scheduling problems with lot streaming
  • The impact of self-driving trains on railway crew scheduling

Chair of Management Scienece

Prof. Dr. Marlin Ulmer

  • The orienteering problem with cancelations

Dr. Shohre Zehtabian

  • Consistent time window assignment for the collection and distribution network of an agri-food supply chain
  • How do online orders get delivered in e-grocery retailing? Simultaneous pickup and delivery routing in the e-grocery industry

Dr. Thomas Horstmannshoff

  • Tourist trip design problem in a multimodal context

Dr. Jarmo Haferkamp

  • Demand modeling for dynamic ride-sharing systems
  • Demand forecasting and vehicle routing for a dynamic pickup problem

Florentin Hildebrandt

  • Designing service zones in on-demand restaurant meal delivery
  • The value of a centralized fleet in on-demand restaurant meal delivery

Charlotte Ackva

  • A two-stage location routing problem for last-mile delivery with nano-hubs - a case study of Magdeburg
  • Consistency in routing problems: concepts and applications
  • The value of consolidation in last mile delivery

Caroline Ihloff

  • Emission reduction for delivery with a heterogeneous fleet
  • Understanding and analyzing preferences in vehicle routing problems

Jonas Stein

  • Uncertainty and dynamism in workforce scheduling problems

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