Seminar Management Science


In the summer semester 2020 the Chair of Management Science offers a scientific seminar on the topic of “Modern Planning Approaches in Production & Logistics”. The topics will cover selected planning problems of practical relevance and suitable solution approaches. Within this seminar, students work in groups on a seminar paper and have to give an intermediate and a final presentation. The seminar is open for students from the master program Betriebswirtschaftslehre/ Business Economics specializing in Logistics & Operations Management as well as for students from the master program Operations Research and Business Analytics specializing in Supply Chain Management. The language of the seminar will be English. If you have any questions regarding the scientific seminar, please contact Tino Henke.



  • Presentation of seminar topics and scope (first week of the semester, exact date to be announced)

We will give an overview of the seminar topics and present the seminar requirements and expectations. If you consider to take part in this seminar, it is mandatory to attend the presentation of the topics. Only after the topic presentation, it will be possible to apply for a place in the seminar. It is not necessary to apply for a place before the topic presentation. Further information on the seminar schedule will be announced before the beginning of the summer semester on this website.


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