Bachelor Theses

As part of your bachelor's thesis, you will work independently on a problem from the field of Management Science and Logistics. A selection of possible topics is published on this page.

This course is open to students who would like to be mentored by an employee of the Chair of Management Science. The registration is supervised centrally by the dean's office for all FWW students. For this purpose, please note the official information.

Topics for winter term 2019/2020:

  1. Die Bedeutung von Customer Empowerment in der Betriebswirtschaftslehre: Definition und Literaturüberblick
    • Alt, R., Ehmke, J. F., Haux, R., Henke, T., Mattfeld, D. C., Oberweis, A., Paech, B., & Winter, A. (2019). Towards customer-induced service orchestration - requirements for the next step of customer orientation. In: Electronic Markets, 29(1), 7991.
  2. Chancen und Herausforderungen Grüner Last-Mile-Logistik
    • Perboli, G., & Rosano, M. (2019). Parcel Delivery in Urban Areas: Opportunities and Threats for the Mix of Traditional and Green Business Models. In: Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 99, 19-36.
  3. Tourenplanung unter Unsicherheit: Berücksichtigung von Daten bei Auftragsannahmeentscheidungen
    • Hvattum, L.M., Løkketangen, A., & Laporte, G. (2006). Solving a Dynamic and Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem with a Sample Scenario Hedging Heuristic. In: Transportation Science 40(4), 421-438.
  4. Der perfekte Tag eines Touristen: Überblick über das Team-Orienteering Problem
    • Vansteenwegen, P., Souffriau, W., & Van Oudheusden, D. (2011). The orienteering problem: A survey. In: European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 209, Issue 1, 2011, 1-10.
  5. Aktueller Stand der On-Demand Ridesharing Dienste in Deutschland
    • Furuhata, M., Dessouky, M., Ordóñez, F., Brunet, M.-E., Wang, X., & Koenig, S. (2013). Ridesharing: The state-of-the-art and future directions. In: Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 57, 28-46.
  6. Nutzerakzeptanz Autonomer Fahrzeuge
    • Webb, J., Wilson, C., & Kularatne, T. (2019). Will people accept shared autonomous electric vehicles? A survey before and after receipt of the costs and benefits. In: Economic Analysis and Policy, 61, 118-135.

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