Paper on Flexible Time Window Management for Attended Home Deliveries

31.01.2019 -

Omega - The International Journal of Management Science has recently accepted and published the paper entitled Flexible Time Window Management for Attended Home Deliveries. The paper is co-authored with Ann Campbell (University of Iowa). Within this paper, we present routing flexibility approaches that consider utilization or customer's location when offering short or long time windows to customers.

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Paper on Reliable Flight Itineraries Published

10.10.2018 -

The journal Networks has recently accepted our paper entitled "The Most Reliable Flight Itinerary Problem". The paper is co-authored with Michael Redmond and Ann Campbell (University of Iowa). Considering large amounts of real flight data, we develop a stochastic network search that allows passengers to find their most reliable itinerary in a given time budget.

Proceedings of OR 2017 Annual Meeting Now Available

01.06.2018 -

The proceedings of the annual meeting of the German OR society (GOR) are now available. Prof. Ehmke chaired the program committee in 2017 and edited the proceedings together with Prof. Kliewer and Prof. Borndörfer (FU Berlin).

Best Paper Award

02.10.2017 -

Marten Pfannenschmidt was awarded with the best paper award at "Nahverkehrstage 2017" (public transit days 2017). Together with Prof. Ehmke, he had submitted a paper on data mining methods in public transit ticketing systems. More information can be found here.

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